You’re my little boy,
but u don’t know and
just sometimes,
i could love that;
with yours desires
in the air and your kiss
in my lips, u make me
feel like felt in a bay,
sleeping with the shadow
who is my moon, playing
with the water and talking
of tides, because, u must know…
you’re my sea, my infinite
and impredictable sea,
my adorable and furious sea,
full of life, full of misteries
and full of doubts but u don’t care, my
sea boy, i’ll embrace u, when u aren’t yet,
when you don’t understand, when u’re
so sleepy for feel me, i embrace
u, my little and marvelous sea
boy, with this arms and these feelings,
with all i have and all u get me,
i force on u, i win with u; ‘cause
i’m in love with u.


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